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  • Where is your studio?
For baby shoots, I use my humble home studio in Guadalupe, Makati,  I will provide you with a map once our appointment is set.
For maternity shoots and family shoots (5 members and up), I use a studio in Ayala Makati, I will provide you with a map once our appointment is set.
  • Do you do outdoor shoots?

Yes, I do! Outdoor shoots are fun! I often do it at an open space with lots of greens near a condominium in Taguig City. We can also do it on a location of your choice. There is an additional cost equivalent to the home service fee for shoots outside of the studio or location of your choice. Please note that any fees (entrance fees, permits, etc.) will be shouldered by the client. 

  • I want to do the shoot at home. Do you offer this?

Yes, we can do the shoot at the comfort of your home. You do not have to go through the hassle of traffic jams and preparing all the stuff that needs to be brought for the shoot. We can go to your place for a minimal additional cost. We will bring our equipment to give you the same quality as that in a studio setup.  We only service areas within Metro Manila, not farther than Alabang and Quezon City

  • I would like to do a CAKE SMASH session for my baby. Do you offer this? 

YES! Just let me know if you want to do this on your photo session. You just need to bring the cake and we can include this on your session. I will give you tips and reminders on what to prepare and do for this type of session.

  • I would like get all the HIGH-RESOLUTION images of our shoot. Do you offer this?

Yes. Extra high resolution files can be bought on top of the package inclusions. Just let me know your requirements and I can make special packages for you to meet your needs :)

  • When is the best time for a maternity shoot? When do I book my shoot?

Best time for a maternity shoot is on the 32nd-35th week. But we can still do it until the 36th week if you are certain that you can still do a couple of poses. Do book your shoot as early as possible, because I only take very limited shoots per month. 

  • When is the best time for a newborn shoot? When do I book my shoot?

The most ideal time for a newborn shoot is on the 5th to 14th day from birth. With 8th to 10th day as the best time.  Sessions run smoother and a much wider variety of poses are achieved at this young age. Please pencil book your Expected Date of Delivery while you are still pregnant and I will reserve a time for you around that date.  Once the baby is born, please include me on your list of "people to call". Then we will schedule your shoot within the baby's first two weeks

  • When is the ideal time for a baby shoot? 
  • My baby is past 14 days old, does she fall under newborn or baby package?

After the newborn shoot (14 days old), I seldom (or almost rarely) take portraits of babies who are one (1) or two (2) months old. (But we can still do it, of course...) I strongly recommend that the next shoot be on the 3rd month (and above). By this time, baby can somehow interact already.  Baby can already smile and respond to "peek-a-boos" . The best time would be on the 6th to 8th month, when baby can already sit up on his own and baby will be all smiles from ear to ear at this age...Thus, nicer portraits :)

Some parents  like to document their baby's monthly development through portraits. Should you be interested in this package, please do send me a message.

  •  Do you have props/ costumes that we can use for the shoot?

I am more into the simple, clean portraits as you can see from my portfolio. I have props such as baskets, fur rugs, hats and bows/headbands on hand, but you are free to bring your own costumes and props if you like.

For maternity shoots, I have different colored fabrics that we can use.

  •  What if my child does not cooperate during the shoot?

I advise you to schedule your session at a time when you know that your child will be at his/her most happy self. Usually this is after they've had their nap and are well fed.  If in the worst case that your child throws a tantrum on the time of shoot, and we can't get him/her to cooperate no matter what we try to do, we can reschedule the session, with a minimal additional cost. 

  • When can we see the photos? When can we get the prints?

Your images will be presented to you in a private viewing gallery/photo cart approximately 2 weeks of your session.  This gallery will be up online for 8 weeks.   Your final prints will be ready for delivery approximately 2 weeks after you choose the photos and after your orders are paid in full. A little more time if you order for extra. 

If you need your photos sooner, please inform me earlier, let's see if I can accommodate. 

  • I am conscious of my pregnant body, and I have stretch marks all over my belly, what can I expect from the session?

Pregnancy is a beautiful transformation in a woman's body that deserves to be celebrated.  It would be an honor for me as a photographer to be a part of this moment in your life. As a mother myself and a professional photographer, I will do the best that I can to help you feel comfortable and proud of your body. And to help you pose in front of the camera that will show the best in you and show off that beautiful belly.  I had been through that phase after all :)  If you are conscious about stretchmarks, do not worry because I can do a little cleanup on the skin.  

You may also opt for nude or  semi-nude photos since we are all females. You are encouraged to bring your husband along so you can both share this experience.

  • What should I bring for the shoot? What should I/we wear for the shoot?

I will provide you with the photo session details once our appointment is set. So you know what to expect, prepare. I will also give you some tips and guidelines on what to wear or how to get ready for the shoot.


Studio Policies

  1. A down-payment is required upon booking to reserve your spot. Then balance payment is due on the day of shoot. I accept cash, check and Bank deposit prior the shoot.
  2. Please do not bring your camera/camcorder or other recording device on the session



  • Do you have video coverage?

I am a one-woman band! So it's unfortunate, that with the limited time I have, I can not do video coverage anymore. I focused myself on taking photographs. But who knows? Maybe when my kids are older, I can get  myself to learn and do it too!!!  :)

  • Do you have photo books and albums?

Yes, but this would be an add-on to the basic package.

  • Do you do AVP / on-site presentations?

No, I don't have this as of the moment :)


 If you have any more questions/inquiries, please do not hesitate to send me an email at portraitsbyleny@gmail.com


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